Working Together

Atelier Totale is dedicated to assisting clients by providing the professional services selected to best meet your needs.


We begin with an initial consultation – what we call a “Meet and Greet” – which can take place in person, by phone, or via videoconference.  This mutual introduction allows both parties to determine how Atelier Totale may best assist in the development of your wedding.

We first determine with you what level of assistance is desired. We will discuss your requirements, budget, and schedule – and identify the wide range of options available. Atelier Totale offers many choices – from behind-the-scenes planning consultations to guide you in managing aspects of event preparation to collaborating with you to design and deliver all the details necessary in creating a truly momentous occasion.


Following your consultation, Atelier Totale will provide a detailed pricing estimate of requested services for your consideration. To initiate working together and moving forward in the creative process, all that is required is a signed contract and fee deposit.


Once the basic decisions such as site selections, event components, and overall requirements are determined, the next steps center on bringing to life your vision for a memorable experience for both you and your guests. Atelier Totale works closely with you to ensure that your wedding is crafted and executed to absolute perfection. Along the way we will utilize our skills in the art of design and expertise in event planning. Design concepts will be presented for your review and approval, and we will work closely with you to revise the design into a final plan. Traditional, classic, contemporary, avant-garde, or borrowing elements from more than one – we will assist you to create something special that reflects your personal imprint and signature style.


Prior to beginning the production phase, we will invite you to participate in our unique Atelier Totale planning workshop – to better familiarize yourself with the overall process and decision-making moments on the pathway to an unforgettable celebration.

It’s primarily an opportunity for you to better understand and best participate in directing the evolution to your wedding and associated events! But being in the driver’s seat doesn’t require you to pump the gas – Atelier Totale will take care of all behind-the-scenes tasks and activities!

Each client’s production schedule is subsequently delivered with meticulous attention to detail and in a spirit of flawless craftsmanship – from initial inception to the closing moments of your wedding and from the rehearsal to the wedding day, and the morning brunch if applicable. The remaining fee balance is due at the wedding rehearsal.


Following your wedding, Atelier Totale will provide a courtesy reminder to send out your ‘thank-you’ cards. We will also invite you to share feedback on your experience with us and to rate our performance.